About Spine and Disc Degeneration

As we all age, our spine can slowly age as well and in some cases spinal bones will begin to deform. When this occurs, your spinal disks will swell, and then shrink. The ligaments tendons and muscles and the spine begin to harden and weaken and the entire spinal column will lose its balance. This is referred to as spinal and/or disc degeneration. Spinal / disc degeneration can lead to a loss of balance, flexibility, stability and strength.

Spinal degeneration can lead to an overall lessened ability to adapt to normal daily activities. A common result of spinal degeneration is the loss of height. We often tend to assume that older individuals get shorter over time automatically – but this is not entirely true and spinal degeneration is the typical root cause for shortened height.

What about the causes of Spinal Degeneration?

Vertebral subluxations are often the root cause of spinal degeneration. Vertebral subluxations are caused by spinals stress which will cause spinal vertebrae to shift from their proper places. These vertebrae become irrigated and misaligned. Also, the surrounding nerves, bones discs and other tissue will age and slowly deteriorate. There are many phases to spinal degeneration and overall it is a slow process. The good news to focus on is that spine and disc degeneration are treatable.

The important thing to take away from this article is that chiropractic care can reduce, halt and even reverse spinal degeneration.

At Tri-County Chiropractic, we treat spine and disc degeneration. If some of the symptoms described above reflect your situation or the condition of a loved one, please contact us today for an evaluation. We also have some great resources on our website including information on what to expect during your first visit.