Achieving Wellness through Chiropractic Kineso Taping


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‘Kineso taping’ is a taping method used in chiropractics that makes use of an elastic tape for therapeutic purposes. Even though the method of taping became more prominent because of its extensive use in athletics, the scope of kinesiology is not limited to athletics. It can be used to correct several non-athletic ailments as well. Athletic tapes are usually stiff and serve the purpose of holding the joints and muscles of an athlete in one particular position. However, the kineso tape is quite flexible and does not restrict the movement of muscles or joints, but it only helps in maintaining the relative position of muscles and joints.

Uses of kineso tape

Kineso tapes can be used to help several ailments, but there are four major areas where it can be used very effectively. These areas are mentioned below.

 Adjusting joint movement
 Pain relief
 Adjusting muscle movement
 Enhancing blood circulation to lymph and muscles

Due to its diverse functions, a kineso tape could be worn both during and after performing an activity. Today, tapes come with a wide range of properties; they are more adhesive and help enhance performance. There are also studies currently being conducted on how a kineso tape could be used in an office environment to improve performance.

Applying a kineso tape

The application of a kineso tape does not differ based on the purpose of application. For example, applying the kineso tape for the purpose of an athletic event is same as the procedure that needs to be followed, when applying the tape for regular non-athletic purposes. These tapes could be worn for several days at a stretch, and you could also wear it in water, as they are water resistant. However, those with sensitive skin should avoid wearing it for longer periods as it may cause skin irritation. Similarly, it is also advised that the tape be applied only for a day whenever geriatric and pediatric patients are considered.

According to Dr. Bennitt Petterson, one thing that you must always bear in mind as far as kineso tapes are considered is that, these tapes, even though highly useful, are not a final solution to your ailments. The kineso tapes are a part of the rehabilitation process for any injury. It is not a replacement for a cast. However, the duration of usage may vary greatly depending on the type of injury, the depth of injury, and individual needs. Ensure that you visit a qualified Tri-Country Chiropractic, Chiefland to get the best chiropractic care.