Importance of Early Chiropractic Care

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Back Pain Relief through Regular Chiropractic Visits

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Achieving Wellness through Chiropractic Kineso Taping

‘Kineso taping’ is a taping method used in chiropractics that makes use of an elastic tape for therapeutic purposes. Even though the method of taping became more prominent because of its extensive use in athletics, the scope of kinesiology Read more

Chiropractic and Children

One of the key focuses of chiropractic care is wellness, and this focus can and should extend to children. Beginning with pregnancy, chiropractic care can play a significant role in wellness for both mother and child. The choices and Read more

Wellness and Chiropractic

The above title came from the March 11, 2002 issue of the American Medical News. This story reports on several studies and programs where corporate wellness programs are having a positive effect on reducing health care costs on their employees. “There’s a growing body of data indicating that corporate wellness programs lower medical costs for employees”, said Ron Z. Goetzel, PhD, vice president of consulting and applied research for the Medstat Group, a health care research firm in Ann Arbor, Mich.

A survey done by Medstat, published in the January 2002 issue of the Journal of Occupational Medicine, concluded that medical claims costs for Johnson & Johnson Inc. employees dropped an average of $225 per year after the company started its wellness program in 1995. Additionally, Goetzel reported that a literature review of corporate wellness studies published in the May/June 2001 issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion concluded that medical costs dropped for employees in the wellness program for 28 out of 32 of the corporate wellness programs reviewed.

The report claims that about 90% of Johnson & Johnson employees participate in the corporate wellness program. Their program consists of free health risk assessments and physicals. Additionally employees can then join free weight management, smoking cessation or nutrition classes and can use on-site fitness centers. John McKeegan, a Johnson & Johnson spokesman stated that the savings in reduced medical claims total about $5 million a year. When you factor in administrative savings from combining various health services into one program, McKeegan estimates the savings come to about $8.5 million a year.

The Wellness Councils of America, a coalition representing 3,000 corporate wellness programs, estimated that presently 80% to 90% of large U.S. corporations offer some sort of wellness program.

Tri-County Chiropractic publishes new website

Chiefland, FL-based Tri-County Chiropractic publishes new website with the assistance of DeBerry Marketing Services, LLC www.deberrymarketing.com

We’ve put together a tailor-made, HTML-based website product replacing an expensive flash-based site by an advertising provider that had limited functionality.  This new website puts an emphasis on educating existing and new, potential patients on the details of chiropractic services offered.  Three new and exciting features include: full social media integration, a “3-D” virtual tour and a new email marketing system that promises to help build better residual patient care. – Scott DeBerry, DeBerry Marketing Services, LLC.

You can visit the new website now at: www.tricountychiropractor.com

Tri County Chiropractic now has full social media integration

Tri County Chiropractic, based in Chiefland, FL, now has full social media integration to include Facebook, Twitter and a WordPress blog – all facets have been integrated into our new website.

Tri-County Chiropractic will publish new website soon

With the assistance of DeBerry Marketing Services, Tri-County Chiropractic, based in Chiefland, FL, will be publishing a new website soon.

Tri-County Chiropractic now has a new blog!

Tri-County Chiropractic, based in Chiefland, Florida, is pleased to now have a new blog published with the asssitance of DeBerry Marketing Services. Please subscribe to our RSS feed to stay informed on the latest news and updates that benefit your care.